Terms & Conditions


  1. Partnership

At Easymove, the client contract is usually made in the web service, but can also be made at the customer service during its visiting hours. Client agrees to the terms and conditions in the contract by paying the first instalment or by showing ID’s when getting the customer identification. Members of Easymove are all the people who have agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract, have paid the starting fee and the service charge and are over 15 years old, who have a working email address and a Finnish bank account. 13 years old can join as a customer but has to have an adult around while training. Under 18 years old trainer has to have a parent to sign the contract and to be responsible of the trainer, and the trainer can have the customer identification only with parents’ agreement. The customer is aware of that Easymove functions partly without staff around, and that the basic communication happens in email. Easymove has the authority to give the contract for a third party without the customers’ agreement

  1. Passage wristband, Information and Contact updating

Customer will get a passage wristband to identify the client ship. Customer always has to sign in at the customer service when visiting Easymove. The passage wristband has to be shown to the staff when asked to. If the wristband goes missing, customer has to immediately inform the staff. Customer is responsible for the possible costs of abusing use of the wristband caused by sloppy retaining of it. Customer has to inform the staff immediately when contact information is changed. Easymove saves the customers’ information in our own database, and treats them by the personal data act. When missing the wristband, customer has to redeem a new one by the cost of the price list (15€). The wristband is not allowed to give to another person. Using the wristband requires the identifying of the customer by using a photo from Easymove’s register, or by ID. When terminating the contract, the passage wristband has to be returned.


  1. Joining Fee

At the beginning of the service contract customer has to pay joining fee priced by the price list. Joining fee will not be returned when terminating the contract.


  1. Monthly Fee

Customer has to also pay a monthly fee mentioned at the contract, that will be charged by the way that it is mentioned in the contract.

  1. Easymove’s Services

Customer is privileged to use the services of Easymove by the terms and conditions of the contract.


  1. Partnership duration

The partnership is affected for the time that is mentioned in the contract. Partnership is individual. Service contract is on for now, or for an amount of time. Contract for an amount of time is not chained. Partnership is continued automatically or for as long as the fees has been paid and the contract is not been officially ended. Partnership can be paused or terminated because of an issue of health. If the partnership is paused because of for example a summer break, when continuing the partnership the joining fee has to be paid again. Pausing the partnership because of an issue of health has to be proven by a medical certificate from a doctor. Customer can pause the partnership for over four week sick leave. In all the exampled cases, customer has to inform the staff by email or by writing.

  1. Terminating

Terminating happens by email and a representative of Easymove will sign it by answering the email. Customer has a month terminating time. When terminating the contract, partnership ends by the end of the month that has last been paid. Bill forms 14 days before beginning of the billing cycle. If there’s a fee coming up while the terminating time, customer has to pay it and has a training right until the end of the paid month. If the customer has any sport benefits, or any other means of payments’ granted by a company transacted in advance, they will not be refunded by any way. Balance of money that is left can still be used.


  1. Ways Of Paying, And Making An E-payment contract

Electronic billing contract is made, when making the service contract. Customer makes the payment contract by self in their internet bank. The monthly fee of a service contract that is on for now will be charged from the customers’ bank account once a month. Starting fee and the first monthly fee will be paid in internet bank during the joining, and the payment will be charged immediately from customers’ bank account. If the e-payment cannot be charged from customers’ bank account automatically, a reminder bill will be sent to the customer that will include the starting fee, monthly fee and a 5€ additional billing. This includes the email bills and the bills sent by post. Also payments that are over 14 days late will be automatically sent again to the customer with the additional billing. If the reminder bill is not paid in 14 days, it will automatically be sent to the debt collection agency.


  1. Price changes

When informing the customer about upcoming price changing at least 60 days before the price change happens, Easymove can increase or reduce the price of the partnership. Easymove informs customers about price changes at a noticeboard and by email. Service contract for an amount of time paid in advance cannot be made any price changes during the time that the contract is on. When a service contract paid in advance ends, customer can redeem a new one with the cost of the current price list. Easymove is responsible to inform customers about any changes in the value-added tax (VAT) etc. at least a month before transferring the changes into customers’ bill. Changes in the value-added tax comes into effect to monthly fees immediately in the day that the tax changes.


  1. Responsibility Of Paying

If the payment doesn’t happen by how the conditions in the contract say, customers’ right in to using Easymove’s services can be paused until it does. Adult is always responsible of all the terms and conditions of the contract personally. Easymove has the right to charge late payment interest and a reminder cost by the price list, and an office expense of the late payments.


  1. Changes In The Services And Terms & Conditions

Easymove has the right to keep the center closed, change customer services’ and centers visiting hours. Easymove informs about the changes in noticeboard and by email. Easymove also has the right to change the amount of available products and equipment in use. Easymove has the right to change these conditions if the changes don’t affect anything in the contract.


  1. Easymove Zemppis’ Rules
  • If the customer brings any outsider in to the center with their own identification or borrows their wristband to someone, he commits to a payment of 250€. Payment is billed from the customer by a paper bill.
  • Sign in with your identification every time when you visit Easymove. Customer needs to be able to identify theirself, when asked to.
  • Customers are expected to behave. Remember to take care of your personal hygiene.
  • Smoking, using alcohol or any drugs is not allowed in the premises of Easymove.
  • If customer purposely harms any equipment or premises of Easymove, they are responsible to pay the damage.
  • Please use a gym towel while training, and use it on the mats while participating any group training hours as well.
  • Wipe the devices always after use. We have a lot of customers and this way the devices will be clean and last longer.
  • Always use proper clothing and indoors shoes. Working out with socks or bare feet is not allowed, except on a few group training hours.
  • Always return the devices, weights etc. on their own place after use.
  • Always use a bottle with a cork.
  • Give other trainers’ a chance to use the devices as well, leave them available while you take a break
  • For safety reasons, under 15-year olds are not allowed to enter Easymove, except for activities directed to children and teens.
  • We hope that when entering Easymove, you turn your phone off or silenced, so you and everyone else can train without any distractions.
  • Taking photos or videos of other customers is not allowed
  • Closets in the dressing rooms’ are for daily use only. Leaving clothes or items in them for night is not allowed.
  • There is a basic rule for appointing ancillary services too. If the appointment is not cancelled less than a day before, Easymove will charge for unused appointment.
  • You are responsible for your own safety. Follow instructions. Easymove is not responsible for customers’ property, sickness, injuring or accident at the area or premises of Easymove.
  • If customer does not follow customer rules or instructions, or behaves badly towards other customers or staff, Easymove can freeze the partnership for a period of time or for good. In this case, Easymove does not refund advance payments.
  • Easymove is not responsible of losses caused by stealing, burglary etc. Easymove is not responsible for customers’ or other visitors’ damaged property or physical harm that is caused by an accident or actions by another customer. Customer answers for their self and for that they are in well enough physical health to participate in Easymove’s activities.
  • Customer is aware, that Easymove has camera security.


  1. Booking And Cancelling Group Training Hours

You can only book a place for yourself at the group training hours.

For safety reasons, you cannot participate late for group training hours. Remember to arrive in time.

Booking for group training hour needs to be cancelled at least 2 hours before the beginning of it. You can cancel the booking from the online booking ( at least 5 hours before beginning) or by email ( less than 5 hours- at least 2 hours before beginning) info@liikuntakeskuszemppi.fi

For two cancelled bookings, customer loses the booking right. Customer can get the booking right back from customer service due its visiting hours.


  1. Sport benefit And Balance Cards

We accept Smartum, Tyky, ticket, eazybreak and e-sport benefit cards and sport balance cards at our customer service. Payments have to be done always on the premises of Easymove. Customer can buy balance for sport benefit- and balance cards always when the customer service is open. Bills can be paid too at the customer service, with any means of payment.


  1. Applicable Law And Disagreements

Finnish laws are suited for this contract. Possible Disagreements caused by the contract that cannot be settled with mutual conversation, are settled at the customers’ municipality court. Customer always has the right to get a disagreement which involves consumer products to get settled at consumer complaint board for free. The board doesn’t take sides and it is another way to get disagreements settled.


We strive to guarantee you a pleasant training experience with Easymove, and if possible implement your development ideas so that we can make Easymove the right sporting center just for you!